Houselinks Membership

Homeowner Benefits

Guests who want to book a “House Links Membership Home” will be directed to the Highlands Reserve website. This will naturally create more exposure for your House Links Membership Home due to a joint effort between you and/or your management team, as well as Highlands Reserve Staff directing people to the booking portal. With roughly 40,000 guests walking through the doors each year and the majority of those guests being vacationers you can see what a boost this would be to the concentrated group of House Links Membership Homes.

We are projecting one of the biggest benefits our web portal will bring to your House Links Membership Home is the word of mouth advertisement it will receive from the “snowbirds”.

Our easy to use booking portal makes every “snowbird” a vacation booking agent all they have say is “check out the “House Links Membership Homes” on Highlands Reserve Web Site”.

After you have purchased your House Links Membership you will have the option of entering into our global marketing campaign at NO ADDITIONAL COST to you. Through new marketing channels to approximately 6.2 million subscribers, this program drives guests to our booking portal, it funnels them to into your houses, and united together you have the power to dictate price rather than the consumer.

Homeowner Benefits Centralized Booking Engine to Simplify Booking Process ______________________________________ Larger Market Specific Audience for Advertisement ______________________________________ Connections to Worldwide Booking Avenues (i.e. GolfNow, Golf Channel Travel, I.C.E, ect…) ______________________________________ Overall Higher Occupancy Levels ______________________________________ More Money In Your Pocket

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who is eligible to purchase membership?

A: Any homeowner or property management company on behalf of the owner.

Q: Who can be listed on the website?

A: Any House Links Member.

Q: Am I required to book or advertise my home through the website?

A: As a homeowner you will have the option to participate in the website and online bookings. However, if you choose to participate you will be entitled to your net rate agreed upon with our booking agents. Q: Can I as a homeowner use my membership for myself?

A: Yes, your membership will cover yourself as well as anyone staying in your home.